Hoppop Baby Changing Travel Bag & Booster Seat

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Product Description

Hoppop changing bag with booster seat allows your changing bag to be converted into a special booster seat for your baby with plenty of pockets to organise your nappy-changing essentials, bottle etc. Held by a clever hidden light-weight, wipe clean plastic hard-shell inside suitable from 12 months till when child weighs about 15 kg.

To convert bag to booster seat- place the bag on a sturdy chair, attach the Hoppop’s shoulder strap under the chair and tighten. Then open the backrest and attach the strap behind the chair and pull the straps securely. Place child on the Hoppop and attach the three point harness. If you need to get something from the Hoppop while your child is sitting on it, just unzip the main compartment or unzip one of the two side pockets.

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Additional Information

Weight 4 kg